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5 Weeks to Overall Health

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This program takes you on a journey of exploring 5 aspects of health: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Each week you'll learn the fundamentals of that area of health, and explore your personal goals. As you work on these goals during the week, you'll be moving towards experiencing the physical and mental benefits that come with achieving overall health.

Watch one video each week until you complete this 5 week program.

Anger Management

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"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger is a normal human emotion, but gone unchecked, anger can lead to serious personal, interpersonal, and professional problems. Start the process of freeing yourself from painful feelings of anger today.

Take this 4 week video program on Anger Management to get to the route of your anger, learn anger management strategies, and learn how to express your anger in a healthy way. Watch one video each week until you complete the program. Be ready to take some notes while watching.

Let go of excess anger and free yourself of the pain that anger causes you and those around you. Start now with Week 1. Please remember to download the Anger Log at the bottom of this page to use in conjunction with the program.

Beating Social Anxiety

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This is a 4 week program for people struggling with social anxiety. Watch one video each week until you complete the program.

Social anxiety includes fears of meeting new people, going to parties, speaking up at work/school, performing, being watched while doing something, going on a date, etc. This step-by-step program addresses triggers and strategies to overcome social anxiety.

Watch the intro video for more information or start now with Week 1.

Building Self-Esteem

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Do you feel inadequate, incompetent, or unlovable? If so then you probably have low self-esteem.

Watch this 6 week video program to improve your self-esteem and learn to love and accept yourself. Watch one video each week until you complete the program. Watch the intro video for more information or start now with video 1. See you there!

Getting Through a Breakup

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Breakups are so difficult. The emotional toll a breakup has can be overwhelming. Sometimes people think they will never stop feeling sad or angry. If you are struggling with a breakup, whether from a dating relationship or a divorce, this program can help. This program is designed to help you heal and let go of the pain.

Watch one video each week until you complete the 6 week program. If you're ready to move forward after a breakup, start now with the video for week 1.

Healing from Depression

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Welcome to this 4 week video program on healing from depression. The program begins by guiding the viewer on a self-assessment of depression by exploring the signs and symptoms. The journey continues by working towards good self-care, reducing negative thought patterns, letting go of anger, and finding happiness. Join Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Catherine Cirulli, on this 4 week process of healing. See you there!

Twenty-Somethings: Getting the Life You Want

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Are you in your 20s and want to make sure you're getting the most out of these years of your life? Whether you just want to learn more about yourself, or you're really struggling to get on track, this program is for you!

This 4 week video program addresses some the most important issues facing people in their 20s. It will guide you towards taking important steps to create a great future. Watch one video each week until you complete the program. If you're ready, start now with Video 1 or watch the Intro video to learn more.