How to Choose a Program


If you’re interested in a particular program, go ahead and start the program whenever you’re ready.

Not sure where to start?  Read some short descriptions of the programs below and see what’s right for you.  For some topics you can follow the link to a test and find out which areas you might be struggling in.  If test results show you are struggling in that area, PsychSavvy has a personal development program for you!


                               Self-Improvement Programs:

♦ Take this test to assess your Self-Esteem:

Click here for our “Building Self-Esteem” program.

♦ Take this test to assess your Social Anxiety:

Click here for our “Beating Social Anxiety” program.

♦ Take this test to assess your Anger:

Click here for our “Anger Management” program.

♦ Are you in your 20s and wanting to make sure you get the most out of this decade and set-yourself for a great future?

Click here for a program called “20-Somethings: The 4-Week Guide to Getting the Life you Want!”

♦ Feel your health could be better but not sure where to start?

Click here for a program called “5 Weeks to Overall Health,” which addresses health in 5 domains including physical, social and emotional health.

♦ Has your romantic relationship recently ended?

Click here for our program on “Getting Through a Break-Up.”

Couples/Family Programs:

♦ Take this test to assess your Communication in Your Relationship:

If you need help “Improving Communication in Your Relationship,” click here.

Career Development Programs:

♦ Having some trouble when it comes to having difficult conversations in the workplace?

Click here for our program called “Difficult Conversations.”


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