What is PsychSavvy?

PsychSavvy a web-based resource of video programs that are all about self-improvement. Founded by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Catherine Cirulli, Psy.D., PsychSavvy’s goal is to help people everywhere improve their personal, professional and family lives, to the most happy and successful people they can possilbly be! PsychSavvy has step-by-step personal development video programs as well as guided imagery and meditation for relaxation. Whether you are struggling with communication in your relationship, social anxiety, or want to improve your overall health, PsychSavvy has something for you!  Click here to learn more: About PsychSavvy

Why was PsychSavvy developed?

Dr. Catherine Cirulli founded PsychSavvy to bring high quality and effective personal development programs to people everywhere because it’s on a web-based platform.

How do I view the programs?

If you’re a Corporate Member then click here and login, or link to the video programs through your company’s or EAP’s website.  You’ll be able to click on any program and view it once you’re logged in.  If you are not a Corporate Member, then click here and you’ll be able to Rent the program of your choice through Vimeo on Demand.  Select a program and click on the “Purchase or Rent” button.

How do I select and complete a program?

Click on a topic and select a program of your choice, read about the program and how to complete it.  Generally it is recommended you watch one video each week until you complete the program.  Click here to view all of our program offerings.

What is your Corporate Memberships program?

We offer corporate memberships.  If you are a corporate member, you will have access to ALL of our personal development programs for a contracted fee.  Corporate members value the wellness of their employees and know how much self-improvement and happiness can benefit both employees and the organization.  PLUS, this model of personal development video programming can be a very cost effective solution for addressing personal issues.  If you’re interested in a corporate membership, please contact PsychSavvy for more information.  Go to the Contact page and fill out the form.  Include your phone number and we will contact you shortly.

How does PsychSavvy decide what programs to include on the site?

Program topics are chosen based on popular topics in self-improvement, and user feedback.  If you would like us to develop a program on a particular topic, let us know by filling out the “contact” form!  If there is enough interest in a particular topic, we will make program for it.

How do I learn more about PsychSavvy’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

Click the corresponding links on the bottom of the page to review these policies, or click here: Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

How can I contact PsychSavvy?

You can easily send us an email message.  Go to the contact page and fill out the form.

Can I get therapy or other direct services from a professional on PsychSavvy?

No, PsychSavvy is a website of general information and your unique situation would be best addressed by seeking out help from a Licensed Professional in your area. There are many ways to find a therapist such as by doing a search on google, visiting www.apa.org or www.psychologytoday.com.