Anger Management

Free Downloads for Anger Management.

Use these tools to help you better manage your anger. Use alone or in conjunction with an Anger Management book or program.

Anger Log: An effective way of managing anger involves tracking “anger triggers” by using an anger log. The purpose is to evaluate your anger triggers by noticing when you feel angry. The anger log will help you identify situations that trigger anger, your level of anger, and the consequences of the anger. Check out this free Anger Log to learn more and get started with understanding your anger better.

Anger Log II: Once you have tracked your anger with the Anger Log above, use Anger Log II to help you maintain your progress.

10 Tips for Anger Management: This list contains strategies you can start using right away to manage your anger so it stops negatively impacting your health, mood, and relationships.

How to Relax: Relaxation is essential to anger management. Try to get one hour of relaxation everyday. Use these tips as a guide to get you started.

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