You Must Chill

Posted by on November 22, 2015

We live in a fast-paced culture where being busy is glamorized.  Many people even think that if they take a moment to relax that they’re being lazy or wasting time.  We also live in a culture where many suffer from various health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.  Stress causes all kinds of physical and mental health problems, and many of these could be prevented if people take some time to chill.  You need to have relaxation time built into your day.  Try to designate one hour of everyday to relaxation.  If you’re raising your eyebrows right now, thinking there is no way you can find an hour everyday to relax, then this information is definitely for you!  Relaxation time is important to reset your body and mind.  It gives you chance to slow things down, take time for yourself, and to do something you enjoy.  It gives your body a rest and time to heal.  How you spend your hour a day depends on who you are.  For some, reading a book might be relaxing, whereas for others, reading a book feels more like a chore. To get started, right now make a list of 15 things you find relaxing.  If you’re stuck, there are lots of lists on-line that can help give you ideas.  Here are a few: take a bath, read a book, call a friend, take a walk, take a nap, cook something, meditate, get a massage, paint a picture, or go to the gym.  See if taking one hour a day to relax improves your mood and health.  Get started today!  For a complete program on Achieving Overall Health, click here.

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