What did you do for your Marriage Today?

Posted by on July 2, 2017

I heard about this campaign a few years ago and it really stuck with me.  A group went out and interviewed couples on the street, asking them, “what did you do for your marriage today?”  As a relationship counselor I find this to be a very important question.  Couples come into marriage counseling with issues like communication problems, trust issues, intimacy problems, etc., but often the underlining issue is a lack of feeling loved.  I encourage people to show their partner love everyday. Here are 7 quick and easy ways to show your partner you love them:

  1. send a text saying you’re looking forward to seeing them after work
  2. hug them when they walk in the door
  3. thank your partner for something small you noticed them do
  4. cook dinner
  5. suggest a date night or another way to spend time together
  6. leave a cute note for them on the bathroom mirror
  7. tell them you love them.

These are some of the many ways you can show love.  Remember, everyday do one thing to show your partner you love them.  This will improve your relationship and help keep it healthy for years to come!

There is a fabulous book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I often recommend this book to the couples I work with in my practice. It breaks down the ways in which people want to receive and give love. Then offers strategies and suggestions on how to connect with your partner by “speaking” their love language. Check it out for more ideas:

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