Healing from Depression

Welcome to this 4 week video program on healing from depression. The program begins by guiding the viewer on a self-assessment of depression by exploring the signs and symptoms. The journey continues by working towards good self-care, reducing negative thought patterns, letting go of anger, and finding happiness. Join Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Catherine Cirulli, on this 4 week process of healing. See you there!

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Introduction: Healing from Depression

This video introduces you to the 4 week program on the process of healing from depression.

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Week 1: Healing from Depression, part 1

This is the first video in the series on Healing from Depression. In this video you will be guided through a process of self-assessment as you learn about the signs and symptoms of depression. Week 1 has two parts, so after watching this video, go straight to Week 1, part 2.

Week 1: Healing from Depression, part 2

This video discusses the fundamentals of good self-care to get the viewer off to a positive start towards healing from depression and achieving happiness.

Week 2: Healing from Depression

​This week's lecture explores the distorted thinking patterns that the depressed mind tends to adopt. You will learn to identify your distorted thinking patterns,then how to change them into happier and more reasonable thoughts​. ​ How you think influences how you feel, so changing negative thoughts is essential to improving your mood.

Week 3: Healing from Depression

In this video we will explore the connection between resentment, anger and depression. The viewer will learn how to identify anger as well as other emotions that are getting in the way of happiness. The video concludes with an exercise of letting go of anger and moving forward.

Week 4: Healing from Depression

This is the final video in the program. This week we will discuss the process of establishing a positive self-image and achieving happiness!