Getting Through a Breakup

Breakups are so difficult. The emotional toll a breakup has can be overwhelming. Sometimes people think they will never stop feeling sad or angry. If you are struggling with a breakup, whether from a dating relationship or a divorce, this program can help. This program is designed to help you heal and let go of the pain.

Watch one video each week until you complete the 6 week program. If you're ready to move forward after a breakup, start now with the video for week 1.

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Introduction: Getting Through a Breakup

This video introduces you to the content of this 6 week program.

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Week 1: The Social Changes

Reconnecting with friends and avoiding isolation is the first step towards your recovery from a painful breakup. In week 1 we will discuss how to get through the loneliness that often accompanies the loss of a relationship.

Week 2: The Return of Confidence

Often breakups evoke feelings of low self-worth along with the sadness and disappointment. This week you will get back in touch with what makes you awesome.

For further work in this area, check out the Personal Development program called, "Building Self-Esteem."

Week 3: Taking Care of You

The negative feelings associated with a breakup can make it hard to take care of yourself. In order to get through this difficult time, staying on track with physical and emotional health is very important. In week 3 we discuss how to stay on track with self-care so you feel your best.

Week 4: Grieving the Loss

In week 4 the grieving process is discussed. You will learn the stages of grief associated with the loss of a relationship and steps towards moving forward.

Week 5: What Went Wrong?

Understanding why the relationship ended is important for several reasons, including not repeating the same pattern in the future. In week 5 we will focus on understanding what went wrong and why.

Week 6: Letting Go, Moving On

The final week of the program focuses on letting go and moving forward in a health way.