Building Self-Esteem

Do you feel inadequate, incompetent, or unlovable? If so then you probably have low self-esteem.

Watch this 6 week video program to improve your self-esteem and learn to love and accept yourself. Watch one video each week until you complete the program. Watch the intro video for more information or start now with video 1. See you there!

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Introduction To Building Self-Esteem

Watch this video introduction to learn more about the 6-week program on Building Self-Esteem.

Watch this video now

Week 1: Assessing Self-Esteem

Week 1 focuses on the assessment of your self-esteem including areas where it is strong and areas where improvement is needed.

Week 2: Social Inventory

Self-esteem is influenced by the people around you. This week's topic helps you assess your social inventory and ensure you are surrounding yourself with positive people.

Week 3: Changing Negative Thoughts About Yourself

In Week 3 you will work on challenging the negative things you tell yourself. This step is crucial to improving self-esteem.

Week 4: Affirmations

This week you will focus on thinking more positively about yourself by developing effective affirmations. Affirmations have consistently shown improvement of self-esteem. Get started on yours in week 4.

Week 5: Ditching Perfectionism

Is the goal of being perfect getting in the way of accepting who you are? Perfectionism, and feeling you are falling short, is a common problem for people with low self-esteem. This week you will work on ditching perfectionism forever.

Week 6: Self-Acceptance

The final step in this program is achieving self-acceptance. The video in week 6 will help guide you towards this important step in improving self-esteem and loving the unique person that you are!