Beating Social Anxiety

This is a 4 week program for people struggling with social anxiety. Watch one video each week until you complete the program.

Social anxiety includes fears of meeting new people, going to parties, speaking up at work/school, performing, being watched while doing something, going on a date, etc. This step-by-step program addresses triggers and strategies to overcome social anxiety.

Watch the intro video for more information or start now with Week 1.

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Introduction to Beating Social Anxiety

This video introduces you to the 4-week program on Beating Social Anxiety.

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Week 1: Relaxation and Breathing

In week 1 you will learn one of the most important skills for coping with anxiety- correct breathing for relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Week 2: Coping with Negative Thoughts

Learn to cope with the negative thoughts that perpetuate your social anxiety. This is the next step towards overcoming your fears related to social situations.

Week 3: Thinking Down the Middle

This week you will learn a coping skills to help elevate the tendency towards extreme negative thinking.

Week 4: The Final Step

Practice this week's plan and you will conquer a fear and learn that you can overcome social anxiety!