Anger Management

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger is a normal human emotion, but gone unchecked, anger can lead to serious personal, interpersonal, and professional problems. Start the process of freeing yourself from painful feelings of anger today.

Take this 4 week video program on Anger Management to get to the route of your anger, learn anger management strategies, and learn how to express your anger in a healthy way. Watch one video each week until you complete the program. Be ready to take some notes while watching.

Let go of excess anger and free yourself of the pain that anger causes you and those around you. Start now with Week 1. Please remember to download the Anger Log at the bottom of this page to use in conjunction with the program.

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Introduction to Anger Management

Watch this video to learn more about the 4 week program on Anger Management.

Watch this video now

Week 1: Triggers

Understanding what triggers your anger is the first step to managing it. This video in week 1 will help you understand and identify your anger triggers so you can feel more in control of anger and your response.

Week 2: Coping with Anger

Once you've identified your anger using an "Anger Log," you will learn how to identify other emotions associated with anger, and better cope with these feelings.

Week 3: How to Express Anger

This week we will discuss how to express anger in a healthy way. This will help you to express your anger without damaging your relationships or your own health.

Week 4: Walking Away

Learning how and when to walk away from an argument or situation is critical to Anger Management. In week 4, learn the appropriate method of walking away and when it's essential to do so.

Bonus Video - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This program guides you through an exercise called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. PMR is a relaxation and stress management technique that relieves tension in your body and mind. Find a quiet and comfortable place to spend about 10-15 minutes listening to this program and practicing the technique.

This skill can be used to help you manage your anger and soothe yourself when you feel anger flaring up.

Anger Log (PDF)

This is an Anger Log that you can download and use while going through this program. The video will guide you as to how to use it as part of anger management.

Anger Log II (PDF)

Once you complete the program, use "Anger Log II" to help you maintain your progress.