Improving Communication in Your Relationship

Good communication is an essential component to the health and happiness of all relationships. This 4-part video program is designed to help you improve communication in your relationship.

It is recommended you watch one video each week until you complete the program.

Each video will focus on a different communication strategy shown to improve communication, increase connection and decrease tension in relationships. These are excellent strategies that you can start using right away. If possible, watch this series as a couple. Start now with Video 1.

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Introduction: Improving Communication in Your Relationship

This video introduces you to the 4-week video series. Watch to learn more.

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Week 1: Listening

The first step to great communication is learning how to show your partner that you're listening. This might seem too simple, but learning the specific skills in this video is known to improve connection and produce more positive communication in relationships.

Week 2: Expressing Yourself

Feel like you're trying to communicate with your partner but you're either not getting through or things end in an argument? Week 2 focuses on methods of communication to help you be heard.

Week 3: Eliciting Feedback

Week 3 focuses on helping your partner communicate with you through methods of eliciting information from them. Practice these and see improvements in conflict resolution.

Week 4: Agreeableness

Showing agreement is a sign of a healthy relationship. Learn these skills and happiness in the relationship often improves.

Bonus Video 1: Communication Technique

Watch this video after you've completed the program. This bonus video explains the Sandwiching Technique in more detail. Use this strategy for positive communication in your relationship.

Bonus Video 2: The Rules to Fighting Fair

In order to have a productive conversation without hurting the other person, it's important to follow the Rules to Fighting Fair. Watch this video to learn more.

Bonus Video 3: How to take a Time Out

This video explains how to call a "Time Out" during a conflict with your spouse or significant other.