Help With Your Toddler

Learn about the mind of the toddler, stress management, rule making, and behavioral intervention strategies to help parent your toddler.

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Introduction: Help with your Toddler

Watch the introductory video to learn about this 3 week program.

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Week 1: The Mind of the Toddler

Learn about the mind of your toddler so you can better relate to their world.

Week 2: House Rules

Learn how to create a list of House Rules to get on the same page and create consistency for the toddlers in your home.

Week 3: Behavioral Interventions

In the final part oft this program, learn how to modify your toddler's behavior by creating a positive reinforcement program in your home. This video will walk you through the process.

Bonus: Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Management

Learn this helpful technique for stress management and relaxation. Feeling calm will help you be a better parent to your toddler.