It’s All About Self-Esteem

Posted by on April 6, 2016

Do you tend to think positively or negatively about yourself?  If someone compliments you, do you feel proud or do you feel like an impostor who hasn’t been found out yet?  Self-esteem has such a big influence over how each individual perceives themselves and has huge implications for how they function in the world.  A confident person is more likely to attribute their successes to hard work and intelligence where as someone without much confidence might assume an achievement is more the result of luck.  Self-esteem comes from a very deep place and the messages people tell themselves are often so ingrained and automatic that they don’t even realize they’re happening.  For this reason, it is particularly important to really think about how positively or negatively you tend to think about yourself.  Here are some yes/no statements to consider to test your level of self-confidence.  Think about if you would say yes/mostly yes or no/mostly no to the following statements:

Generally speaking I am just as capable as most other people; My opinions are just as important as the others in my school/work/home; I have as much value as other people; I often have interesting ideas; For the most part I like the way I look; I think I’m a good person.

Did you answer yes to most or all of the statements?  If so then your self-esteem is pretty good.  If you answered no most or all of the statements then there are some areas of your self-esteem that need some work.  Many of these automatic thoughts and deeply held beliefs you have about yourself are rooted in childhood.  For this reason the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself may feel deeply entrenched in who you are.  If these feelings are positive, that’s great!  If these feelings and messages are negative then you may feel discouraged that this can ever change.  The good news is, self-esteem can absolutely be improved upon!  Here at PsychSavvy we have developed a 6 week video program called Building Self-Esteem to help with this issue.  (To access it, click here and scroll down.)  Each week you will watch a 4-5 minute video. During week 1 of the program you will assess your self-esteem, week 2 focuses on taking a social inventory, in week 3 you will work on changing negative thoughts, during week 4 you will develop great affirmations, week 5 focuses on perfectionism, and during week 6 you work on self-acceptance.  The program guides you though important information and exercises to understanding and improving your self-esteem.  Click here and then click on “Building Self Esteem” to get started!

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